Gather the un-hemmed side of the long pattern.

Pull the gathers tight so you've made a rosette.

Now take the smallest circle pattern and place it in the middle of the rosette.

Tuck under the sides and pin them down in place onto the rosette.  

Sew down the circle, then get out your pencil.  Now mark the prize number on top of the circle.  If you are making a blue ribbon, mark a big "1" on the front, white is "2" and red is "3."

Using the gold embroidery floss, stitch over the penciled number with gold.

Now take the two ribbon tail patterns and pin the sides in to hem..
 photo 19.png
So far, everything should look like this.

Pin the two ribbon tails to the back of the ribbon rosette.

Sew on the ribbon tails so that the ribbon looks like this.

You can make as many prize ribbons as you want out of various different fabrics, like these!  Enjoy!